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Falling in Love at RWA2014 and Signing a Contract (not the one you think)

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Like most attendees of the RWA National Conference, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not only did I get yet another awesome bookhaul (total number not yet determined!), but I got to be around other writers. For me, it was necessary–absolutely vital–that I reconnect with the passion that fueled me through three years of graduate studies, that urged me to complete NaNoWriMo multiple times, that makes me who I am.

It was like falling in love with writing again.

The last three years, I’ve been balancing both academic writing and working on my current YA Urban Fantasy manuscript. You’d think that my creative juices were already flowing, already in gear. That wasn’t the case. I was actually kind of burned out. You go from one thing to the next, one class to the next, and one responsibility to the next. I know that’s life, but sometimes, you have to hit pause and take time out to reconnect with yourself and the things that make you who you are.

It’s like any relationship. It needs love, nurturing, and sometimes a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Goals have to be set, focus has to be maintained, and sometimes that means you have to disengage from Everything Else so you can figure out what’s really important to you.

This realization and the refilling of my creative well led me and my friend/critique partner, Alison Diem, to draw up a contract because we needed to have something concrete put in place, written down, in black (or, blue, as it were) and white.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

We, the Undersigned, vow on pain of deepest embarrassment and public shame, to accomplish the following:

    1. Complete more than one (greater than one, no less than three) projects. Projects may be defined as full novel, novella, or long form (10k+) short story.
    2. By the Tuesday before the start of the 2016 RWA Conference in San Diego, CA, the Undersigned must have submitted ALL completed work to an appropriate Agent, Editor, or Publishing Entity. No response is required by this date for this clause to be considered complete.
    3. Should the above clauses be met, sold or not, published or not, the Undersigned shall consider themselves accomplished and shall not be permitted to feel [crappy].
    4. Self-publishing (includes [professional] edits, cover, formatting) is an acceptable form of submitting (per clause 3).
    5. Should no response be received for submitted materials, or should a rejection be received, Undersigned is required to set up AT LEAST two (2) editor or agent appointments at RWA, be it official appointment method or through outside contacts.

We agree to the above and state that we are sober, NOT hung over, and in sound mind and body. We are not under duress at this time.

And then we signed it and dated it, and had our friend Beth Yarnall witness for it to make it all official and everything. We’ve given ourselves adequate time to meet these goals, and finally, I think we’re ready to try to meet them.

What was the most motivating thing you took away from RWA?

5 thoughts on “Falling in Love at RWA2014 and Signing a Contract (not the one you think)

  1. I’m SO proud of you both! And I know you both can do it, too! As for me, this conference was one of connections. Making new connections, nurturing the ones I had, and enjoying those agent/editor connections that I’ve been working hard on for the past several years. You’ll get there, dear. You and Alison both. Hugs!!!

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