Tossing the Gloves 

status: complete at 55,000 words, but needs revisions. A 2009 Top-5 Finalist in the Dorchester/Textnovel America’s Next Best Celler Contest.

It’s simple. Be ultra-smoking hot, quick on the fly, and prepped for the game…and always steer clear of the sin bin.

Sarah Kent is your average college super-senior focused on life and literature until she starts dating star NHL forward Nathan Deschanel. One little white lie later, she’s allegedly engaged to hockey’s most eligible bachelor, battling against the boards with the Gladiators’ significant others, and publicly facing off against his gossip columnist ex-girlfriend.

There’s no question she and Nathan can ride a hot streak straight to the altar, but when old wounds are ripped open by secrets, will their romance get permanently stuck on the injured reserve? The final horn is about to sound on their fake engagement, so someone will need to put their heart on the line and toss the gloves to fight for true love.

 Windborne: a Zoey Fray and the Elementals novel

 status: on hold. Projected completion at 80,000-90,000 words.

When sixteen-year-old goddess Zoe Fray discovers she’s a genetically modified supernatural hybrid, she finds herself on the tipping point of an ages-old War of the Realms that threatens to disrupt the delicate balance of the human world. Unable to trust the family that’s lied to her or the government that created her, she must navigate the unfamiliar supernatural underworld to decide who she is, where she belongs, and what cause she’s willing to fight for–all with the help of the last known Guardian who’s duty- and blood-bound to protect her.

Ben Weatherstone, the air Elemental hottie with a body (and wings!). can’t believe his death sentence has arrived so soon. As a junior agent of the Department of Supernatural Affairs’ clandestine branch, Ben is the unlucky successor of a destiny linked to the survival of supernatural hybrids. Having failed to keep his two previous charges alive, and knowing that most Guardians die in the line of duty before their third, Ben’s only hope of seeing his eighteenth birthday hinges on whether or not he can keep Zoe alive long enough…

Untitled 10k Pin Up Project

 status: in progress. Intended as a spicy contemporary adult romantic novella.

Out-of-work plus-sized pinup model seeks to give her confidence a much-needed boost by starting the new year off with a little something to make herself feel desired and wanted–an arranged one night stand. When she gets paired with the famous photographer who’d spurned her years before, she opts to confront him and show him exactly what he’s missed out on.

Untitled 20k Fairytale Project

 status: in progress. Intended as a spicy contemporary adult romantic novella.

A female video game designer and her shy character artist friend create an in-game “hero” and “villain” who magically come to life. Determined to get the characters back in-game before their deadline, she enlists the help of her friend to get them to play out the Endgame, sure that Game Over will send them back to the digital map on her computer–until one night of roleplay brings them both to a new level and complicates everything.


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